How long can Marvel and Star Wars last?

Back in 2009, Disney bought Marvel for four billion dollars. Three years later, in 2012, Disney bought Lucasfilm for four billion dollars. Ever since either of these deals, both of these studios have done nothing but thrived. There are many who believe that because it is popular now, this success will last for the next four decades or more. I, on the other hand, believe this thrill ride will end before 2025.

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The Rumors of Star Wars Land

Just last week, a MiceAge article was released discussing many behind-the-scenes things about Disney as the average MiceAge article does. In this article, the author discusses a series of plans for Star Wars Land. The author goes into details about the Stormtrooper Battle Escape attraction (code name Alcatraz), as well as the Millennium Falcon attraction (Big Bird), and the overall tone of the land. It should be noted that, while the site has a good track record, these are all currently rumors and have not been confirmed by anyone working for Disney publicly. Although these are rumors, however, that will not stop me from giving my commentary on them.

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